Hats & Hair from Kids who Care

When children are diagnosed with cancer what is their greatest fear?

It isn't losing their life, it's actually losing their hair!

Help us take away that fear.

 Hats and Hair From Kids Who Care was co-founded by Chase & Season Amber Burch,  to help children fighting cancer and those facing the fear of hair loss.  This simple concept of a Hat-n-Hair (a hat with a detachable hair-clip,) is the hope-giving gift that families battling cancer are eager to have.  

But fighting cancer takes a lot of time, heartache and money. Your donation will help  a child in the hospital receive a free hat and hair of their very own!  

      The Story of             HATS & HAIR FROM KIDS WHO CARE

When "Hats and Hair from Kids who Care," founder and cancer warrior/survivor, Chase Savanna Burch found out that the number one fear for little children who receive a cancer diagnosis, is not their own mortality, but is actually losing their hair- she decided that giving out a few hats & hair along the way was not enough. Even though she has personally given out over 800 of them and has also helped disperse over 1000 others, she felt that we need to do what ever it takes to get our hats & hair to as many kids as possible. We appreciate so much that so many have chosen to help us with this charitable goal.

At 10 years old while Chase was battling a cancerous brain tumor, she was told that her friends were putting together a fundraiser for her, her response was, "That is so sweet, but I know there are so many kids here who need it more than I do." From that selfless statement Hats & Hair from Kids who Care was born. The Hat-n-Hair (A Hat with a removable ponytail,) came to be when Chase's mom was inspired how to invent it she asked Chase what she thought. She loved it so much and constantly had patients asking her how they could get one. So she decided to give them to as many kids as she could. So  many of her friends and family back home rallied together to make that happen. Since that time Hats & Hair from Kids who Care has made it their goal to help children facing catastrophic disease and hair-loss .  

We have also teamed up with a wonderful organization called Lauryn's Hope to help provide Gifts, Blankets & Gift Cards to kids stuck in the hospital. Twice a year we now take a van load of toys and comfort items to children and their families that are either in treatment or too sick to leave the hospital.  Thank you for helping us reach our lofty, charitable goals!


To request a Hat-n-Hair, please send the name of the child in need, along with their story and pictures of the child, (now and when they had hair - so that we can match their hair color,) to the following email:  Fromkidswhocare@gmail.com

Please also text 559-972-4168 to alert us of your request.

Thank you and we wish your child who is dealing with a life-threatening disease and hair-loss the very best!


HOW TO DONATE:  whttps://www.gofundme.com/HatsandHairfromKidswhoCare         Hats, Blankets, Toys, Gift cards & Checks:  Send toPO Box 7595  Visalia, CA 93290